The Curl System

heatless curling system, will help to make beautiful and naturable hair curls. The hair curlers are gentle enough, without doing damage to your hair, suitable for all hair types, whether dry or wet hair, long or short hair, thin or thick hair, also can work well with hair extensions and wigs.

Wide Application: The Heatless Curl is a good styling tool for women or girls to DIY their hairs, can simply fix the hair and the curls, without other's help, which will give your hair a shiny feeling, making your look more attractive.

Easy to Use: You can apply the hair curlers when your hair is 70-80% dry, then take a section of hair about 1inch width through the curlers, not too large section from eack hook, then keep them on your hair for about 20-30 minutes until hairs completely dry, then remove the curlers.

Package Included: 1PC Rose Heatless Curler in total.

What you receive in this promo:

Rich Society Heatless Curl Roller (our brand)

Our Curl cream to help achieve those bouncy curls.

A BIG comb to. Comb out those luscious curls that you have achieved

A scarf to wrap it up.

Free Shipping *****

This system is really easy .. I promise

FYI you can add heat if you would like to speed it up .

The next day is easy:
You get up and just unsnap your roller
Slowly pull your curls out and watch as you have curls you have never had before!!!!!!!

You better work .. I said …. WORKKKK

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