$0.50 - $200.00

Lost in the wave -Cambodian Loose Wave

Our luxury Cambodian Loose wave

P.R.H. Guarantees nothing but luxury & High End fashion hair. We are the top of the-brand's list for high end hair as we try to keep it affordable. We love to keep our items affordable for the working mom & Dad, the single mom,the single father daughter who is growing into teenage hood,the grandmother who's taking her second turn at raising kids. we want everyone to be able to afford High End Hair -our brand -PRH.
We are "THEE" top-of-the-line brand & We prefer quality over quantity come enjoy the "RICH" experience.

THIS is what hair is supposed to feel &look like. You can use it over and over and over for years to come.

Philthy Rich Luxury Hair Details:

Our loose wave bundles create a big, glamorous curl texture throughout bundles.

100% Virgin Human Hair

Advised Quantity: 1-2 bundles under 16", 3+ bundles 20" & longer

All the cuticles in our bundles are facing the same direction to prevent tangling

Double machine wefted to ensure longevity and minimize to No shedding

No chemical processing #RAW

Experience versatility with our Luxury Raw Cambodian Hair. This hair can be worn bone straight with a flat iron, or in its natural state. The hair will always revert. Raw Indian hair has a signature texture that creates effortless movement and lots of body. Our hair is completely unprocessed and chemical free with hair cuticles intact. Our bundles come natural color of this hair is off-black and dark brown because our hair is all NATURAL.
#Raw Cambodian hair