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“Keeping up with my Edges”

“Keeping up with my Edges”
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This product is the 1st of its kind! This product help coat the hair and keep it texture while making sure your edge stay in tact.

How do you use this ?? You ask…
You put this on b4 you get braids ,weave, ect any thing you think my stress out your edges.

Well how do I know if this My hair is stressed out my hair??
Hair thinning, hair loss, coming out in clumps dryness , and growing is scarce.

Directions :
apply on wet or dry cleansed hair, work through to ends. Gently comb through hair. Do not rinse out.
put an layer on your edges once every 7 -10 days . Unless hair is demonstrating stress!

Protect those edges & stressed out strands by applying "Keeping up with your edges" .
Try it!! Use w/ hair Growth serum and watch the results!